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about glenn marcus

It seems I have been behind the lens of my camera for many years.

For the last couple of years I have been incorporating long expsoure tecihniques nto my work. I find those techniques add a different dimension and expand the presentation of what I see and how I want to present the image in my photography.

In addition to the work I include on this website, I participate on the 500px, behance, tumblr and google+ web sites. Ad hoc photography of our travels is found on my travelling lens.

I have had the opportunity to learn from some very good photographers. I enjoy taking workshops and courses and learning something from each.

On going development is important to grow as a photographer and this link gives an over view of the development I have been involved with.

To the right I includes some of my work that have been recognized through various competitions..

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DSC_1727-1072 Street Music
Feel the Music
Honourable Mention, Fraser Valley Invitational, Music, May 2017
  • Feel the Music
    Honourable Mention, Fraser Valley Invitational, Music, May 2017
  • Along the Icy River Editors Selection for April Feature Photo (2017)
  • Lines of the Anvil Centre
    Featured Photography,, February 2017
  • Venice Speed
    Award: Featured Photograph,, January 2017
  • Umbrella in the Canal
    First Place, Out of Place, Theme Competition, NW Photography Club (2016)
  • Moon Over Altare della Patrica
    2nd Place, Digital Competition, NW Photography Club (2016)
  • Cliffs of Polignano a Mare,
    Honorable Mention, Photographic Society of America (PSA), Vancouver International Photoography Festival, 2016.
  • Hull
    First Place, Metal Themes Competition, New Westminister Photography Club, August 2016
  • Sun Through Morning Fog at Willband Creek
    Award: Featured Photography,, May 2016
  • Polignano a Mare
    Finalist Award, Clouds in Movement Competition,, April 2016
  • Paris: New and Old
    Finalist Award, Top 10,, April 2016;
    Viewbug Editors Selection, Featured Photograph,, June 2016, July 2017
  • Emerald Pond
    2nd Place, Digital In-House Competition, New Westminster Photography Club (2016)
  • The Pen
    First Place, Stock Image Photography Theme, New Westminster Photography Club, Feb 2016
  • Waiting at the Cafe
    Third Place, Themes Competition, New Westminster Photography Club, Oct 2015
  • Bagpipe
    Second Place, Themes Competition, New Westminster Photography Club, Dec 2015
  • Trees Along the Alouette
    Staff Winter Selection,, Dec 2015
  • Line-Up,
    Second Place, Themes Competition, New Westminster Photography Club, November 2015
  • Frist Light Tuscany
    First Place, Digital Compeition, NW Photography Club, Digital Competition, Oct 2014
  • A Roman Coachmnan
    First Place, Digital Competition, A Sense of MovementNW Photography Club , Dec 2013
  • Walking in the Rain
    First Place, Themes Compeition - April Showers, NW Photography Club, May 2013
  • Sunset at Queensborough Rail Bridge
    Second Place, NW Chronicle Themes, May 2013
  • Harry Jerome
    Bronze Medal, Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA), 2013 Vancouver International Photography Festival, Oct 2013
  • Castillion La Bataille
    Commendation Award, Vancouver International Photo Festival, Oct 2014
  • Student with Burens
    1st Place. Themes Compeition, New Westminster Photography Club, Jan 2013
  • Night Lights
    1st Place, Themes Compeition, New Westminster Photography Club, December 2012
  • Crotian Market Vendor
    1st Place, Themes Compeition, NW Photography Club, 2012
  • Man in the Mall
    2nd place, Themes Competition, NW Photography Club, 2012